A Weary Work Wife

Dear Boudoir Diary,

I work for a large company that always has it’s share of drama between employees but for the most part I stay away from it all. There’s this guy in my department who seemed really cool at first but after getting friendly with him, he started to hit on me. I was never interested in him that way. Plus I have a rule about fraternizing with coworkers. Trouble is that his girlfriend works for the same company in another department.

I got to know her through him and started to develop a crush on her instead. After rejecting her boyfriend’s advances a few times, one day he mentioned that she thinks I’m attractive too and they talked about wanting to hook up with me together. I am not attracted to this man at all. But I am curious to have the experience with his girlfriend. There is a part of me that also wants to tell her how he was coming on to me before she even knew about it. Part of me wants to tell her so she can break up with him and leave him for me. Should I just go with the flow and have fun with them as a couple? Should I tell her everything her man was trying to do secretly and convince her to be with me instead? Or should I tell them both to fuck off and not get involved at all? Please help.

A weary work wife


  1. Dear Weary Work Wife:

    Well first of all, your rules about not fraternizing with coworkers was a good one. Way too many risks involved with shitting where you eat as they say. I really think you should avoid getting mixed up with this couple because it sounds like they have a lot of issues that could get awkward for you in the end. As far as telling the gf about what her bf was trying to do previously, I think that’s a lost cause as well. It’s possible he’s already confessed his feelings about you and they already decided they were willing to bring you into their mess. Let’s say you tell her, she doesn’t leave him and now you’re looking like the messy bitch. Joining them for a threesome might seem like a fun situation but you don’t want to get involve at all in case it goes sour.


  2. I think that they initially wanted this to begin with and that she is fully aware of the situation. There are couples that reel people in like that all day. Send one of them first to do the initial approach and when they see that you are more receptive to one vs the other then they have that person focus on getting you to comply. Please don’t be naive. And please don’t get caught up with this at work.

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  3. DO IT! The girlfriend might got that WORK! Do tell her shit about her man. You don’t have to use negative energy to take what you want. If he’s playing his part he got nothing to worry about. And unless you’re a manager and they’re your direct reports working together don’t mean a damn thing.


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