Am I Addicted to Make Up Sex

Hey Everyone,

I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost 7 years now, off and on. I started to notice a few years ago that I wasn’t so attracted to him anymore like in the beginning. We would have our issues and take a break from each other.

When we got back together, I felt passionate about him again, like I wanted to do it all the time. Now it seems like we only have sex after an argument, otherwise we are just like homies who live together. Sometimes I think he starts arguments just so we can have make up sex because its been weeks. Is this a bad thing? Is there a way to rebuild my attraction to him so it doesn’t have to be make up sex all the time? What do y’all think?

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  1. Dear Anonymous,

    The answer is YES! Make up sex is highly addictive. But you really need to stop and think about why you guys lost your steam initially. If you weren’t taking initiative to keep things spicy in the first place, then it’s inevitable for things to get boring in the bedroom.

    My suggestion is to have a waiting period before you have sex after an argument. Make sure your issues are resolved and avoid sex until you both or in a good mood. Do not have sex immediately after your apologies or resolutions. Wait 2-3 days to get into a good place and then do it. If you find yourself not able to get past your argument during that time, then you need to re-evaluate the relationship. You should be able to have great sex even if you’re not making up.


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