Tossed Salad Anyone?

My boyfriend won’t toss my salad. He claims he’s never done it before and has absolutely no interest in even trying it.

I however want him to try it before he just says no. How can I encourage him? Maybe a little whip cream? Help!


    1. I think you have to have an open discussion with him about what are his reasons for not wanting to try it and then go from there. Does he think it’s nasty? Is it not a turn on for him? Try in the shower maybe? Etc. At the end of the day, everything is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. I’m sure you may have some things that you are not willing to dive in. You just have to decide if that’s a deal breaker for you or not

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  1. ‪Well ok then let’s dive right in (pun intended) ‬

    ‪First of all, you really can’t make someone do anything they’re not comfortable doing no matter what. Does he even like to go down on you at all? Is he comfortable with using fingers or other objects for anal play? If he doesn’t do any of that, it’s a lost cause. He probably just wants to avoid that area all together. If he doesn’t mind other kinds of play around in that area, you may be able to coax his tongue a little lower when he’s going down. He might get into if he’s sees you getting excited in the moment and want to please you. Also be mindful of hygiene. Nobody wants to lick on a dirty butthole sis. But seriously ask yourself if this is a deal breaker for you. Will his refusal to toss your salad cause a rift in the bedroom? If not, let it go and explore other ways to spice things up that he may be more comfortable with. ‬


  2. Man… If you eating the pussy the right way (the whole pussy) your tongue is bound to come accoss that ass at some point. It ain’t that deep (pun intended).
    He gotta take a couple shots of Henny on a Saturday night and get to work on shorty.


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