My Mom’s Ex-Bf

A few months ago my mom’s ex-boyfriend stopped by to install my new washer for me. He walked in on me in the shower and we wound up having sex. We did it a few more times after that.

Now I’m pregnant but he wants me to get rid of it. He is threatening to tell my husband who is deployed overseas. I want to leave my husband and be with him instead because it was so good. How do I get him to be with me?


  1. I think there’s alot of questions to be asked here. One, does your mom know about this? If so, how does she feel about it? The fact that he was willing to have sex with his ex-girlfriend’s daughter shows his lack of respect for both of you. He doesn’t want you to have the baby, which is understandable because you’re married. His thought process is probably, well if she did it to him, she’ll do it to me. There’s really not anything you can say or do to make a man want to be with you (not even having his child). Just like there’s not anything your husband can say or do to make you want to stay with him.


  2. This is a lot to digest. Whew! Ok let’s start with the fact that you slipped and fell onto your ex step-daddies dick. You’re so wrong for that. Both of you are wrong. I’m guessing he’s much older than you and certainly should have known better but you are the one who shouldn’t have allowed it. With all that said, now there’s a new life to consider because of your immature, irresponsible behavior and the child shouldn’t have to suffer because of your fuckery. If you choose to keep the child you will have deal with possible losing your relationship with your husband and your mother. Was that dick really worth it? The baby daddy is looking out for his own ass but he probably has the right idea. Don’t bring a child into this dysfunctional mess. Fix this before it’s too late. AND DON’T DO THIS SHIT NO MORE


  3. Listen please go to the nearest abortion clinic and stop your nonsense. For you, you are really willing to put your relationship with your Mother at risk over some sex that was good? Good sex is every where. As far as your husband please divorce him any way because obviously you don’t love him so why put you and him through any more misery. And lastly obviously the moms ex doesn’t want any thing to do with you having a baby and you would only set your self up for being a single Mom with no help even from your Mother because why would she help you. Also, please get any delusional thoughts of being with this man out of your head. You certainly should seek counseling because most likely you have a far more rooted problem to even of did what you did…Good luck


  4. So you was conveniently taking a shower while he came over And you’ll “wound up” having sex?! Sis, this sounds like an intentional plot if I ever seen one. If that’s what you wanted to do cool but now you lying to us and more importantly yourself. Since when in the history of relationships has making a baby actually fixed the problem. You could’ve let buddy clap them cheeks without getting pregnant. That’s the real problem. Two words, Birth Control. Cause a baby not gone make him stay or love you.

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  5. This is messy af. He doesn’t even want you and you’re planning your next wedding while your actual husband is deployed? Therapy and/or Jesus does wonders for those who seek it. Just saying….


  6. I hate to judge. But to know your mom’s ex was comfortable have sex with her daughter raised too many uncomfortabilities with me. Please for the sake of having a relationship with any of the parties involved abort this mission while you can. And please don’t string your husband along anymore. That’s not fair. The fact you are willing to leave him because it was sooooo good shoes the lack of empathy,care and love you have for that man. You owe it to yourself and husband to part ways. I hope you make a healthy decision and quick bc that baby is growing more everyday.


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