Boring Gyal

How can I tell my girl that I want her to be more aggressive in the bedroom? I’m always the one to initiate it but it gets boring at times. I want her to take the lead sometimes.


  1. I find that alot of times women who are afraid to take the lead in the bedroom are uncomfortable doing so. Being uncomfortable stems from insecurities. Communicate with her. Find out what she’s insecure about. Is it because she feels like she doesn’t know what she’s doing? Is she worried about what she’ll look like and what you’ll think of her if it doesn’t come across as pretty as you’d hope? All that being said, do you make her feel comfortable enough to open up to you in that way? Every woman cares about what her man thinks of her, and if she trusts you with her feelings and insecurities, she will def open up and be more willing to take the lead

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  2. I think there are some missing pieces here so it will be difficult to offer sound advice. You have to get to the root cause of why she isn’t ever initiating sex. Was she always reserved in the bedroom from the beginning of your relationship or did something change to make her hold back? There a lot of factors that cause women to be less excited about sex over time. Busy work schedule, children, and other responsibilities. If there are overwhelming stress factors in your environment, you should focus on that first before expecting her to be excited about sex. Start there by having a conversation about BOTH your needs. The less stressed she is, the more likely she is to feel comfortable with you again. If she’s not willing to communicate you might be out of luck and she’s probably getting her rocks off elsewhere.


  3. Just tell her. Maybe she does not realize you would want her to be more aggressive. The first step to communicating better in a relationship is to speak up about feelings.

    Good luck!


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