Hubby Doesn’t Cut It

I’ve been with my husband for 11 years. Our relationship has always had rough patches but for the most part we were able to get thru (cuz I would forgive the crazy shit he’d say). I finally reached my breaking point when I caught him cheating. I put him out. We’ve tried to get back together but my heart ain’t in it…for 1 I started sleeping with someone else. While his dick ain’t as big as my husbands it’s better. And 2…I don’t love him anymore. My husband tried to sleep with me the other night and lasted all of 2 minutes….should I tell him I’m with someone else even thou it’s just sex or should I work it out with my husband?


  1. Do. Not. Tell. Him. Shit.

    If you’re done, you’re done. Men have this sexual entitlement over their women and what is telling him going to do? It doesn’t seem like you slept with someone else out of spite, just needed an orgasm. A big dick ain’t shit if he doesn’t know how to use it right.

    It sounds like your husband’s chances were expired a long time ago and still, you stuck it out. A mistake is a mistake but a recurrent choice is just that – a choice. If your reasons to leave are longer than your reasons to stay, run, get tf out and work on YOURSELF. Why did you let this man disrespect you so many times? Why is it that you feel like you don’t deserve something better? If you have kids, ask yourself, “is this the type of relationship I want to emulate for them?”

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  2. You DO NOT need to tell him anything. What you did with some one else is your private business. What you do need to tell him is that the marriage is over and no he does not need any details for an explanation. Of course if your heart isn’t in it why would you stay? You deserve to be happy; not stay in a miserable marriage where you clearly say he speaks to you disrespectfully and cheats. Do not feel guilty about wanting a divorce even if you may be a religious person because at the end of the day YOUR HAPPINESS in life is what counts. And believe me I know because yes I am divorced and was the one that choose to leave.

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