Condoms With My Ex

Am I wrong for this? My ex-gf moves out of town bout 2 years ago. We tried the long distance thing but it ain’t work so we split. No hard feelings. We just kept in touch. I been single doing me but idk what she been on. She came to town last week and we linked. Get to her hotel room and I pull out a magnum cuz we about to get it in. She stop me like “oh we don’t need that”. We wasn’t using them while we was together so I get it but she been gone and idk what she been doing, feel me. She was like iight and let me go head and put it on. But we doing it for like 5 mins and she just laying there like she can’t feel it. I’m not gonna cum if she got an attitude so I stop and just leave. I ain’t heard from her since and I gotta admit I still love her. I’m trying to fix this but idk how.


  1. While I’m sure this girl might have felt insulted and embarrassed, I think you did the right thing by insisting on using a condom. Her feelings being hurt is probably why she has grown distant however and I don’t blame her. She was probably waiting on you to have sex again and wasn’t ready to start all over again. But again, we can’t assume that she’s been abstinent or using protection. I’m not sure how you can fix this however, or if you should even pursue it. You already said the long distance relationship didn’t work for you. If you value her friendship I would continue to reach out and maybe apologize for the way you handled the situation. But ultimately you were doing the right thing as far as your own sexual safety is concerned.


  2. For all you know she got chlamydia! Get the strap champ! 2 years is a long time and it’s possible she caught a body or two. You have if you been doing your thing. You both should get tested, that way you can smack and clap them yams how you want/use to.


  3. I feel you were right because like you said you do not know what she has been doing. She most likely was insulted but she will be okay. I would try to reach out but if she is not being warm and open forget bout it. It could also be that she realized in that moment that she does not have many feelings still involved so couldn’t get into it.


  4. How u say my love in Spanish..mi amor
    How u say my love in thug..can I hit it raw

    If u love shorty like that then accept the consequences. Embrace the risk. Let her catch ya kids.


  5. Only an immature mind would be insulted by you wanting to use a condom. If anything, that should make her feel better about being with you knowing that you’re not just running up in everything raw if you won’t do it with her after 2 years. If you really want this woman, hit her up. You probably shouldn’t have just walked out so start with apologizing for that. If she still has an attitude or doesn’t respect the fact that you wanted to use a condom after such a long time apart then move on bro. You don’t want someone who doesn’t value their own health.

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