Risquè Business

Man oh man! Where do I even begin. My man and I always like to keep things spicy and will send an occasional nude or a freaky text throughout the day. Well one day I feeling extra and decided to send him a clip from a video we made prior and the unthinkable happened…I look at the recipient and it was NOT my man! Instead, I’d sent it to a friend/colleague. Crazy part is, I’m not even mad because my friend is gorgeous! Chocolate skin, nice body, and hey if she got to enjoy it, that’s fine with me. But I also don’t want things to be weird when we run into each other. So now I’m torn. Should I apologize for the raunchy video or let it ride out and see if she wanna play?!


  1. Lmao! Yes, it’s gonna be weird if you don’t acknowledge this mistake. If you and said friend are not those type of friends, you’re being a freak weirdo for not addressing it and apologizing for the mistake.

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  2. People send the wrong texts err Day B. She be aight. Just tell her “my bad champ, auto-correct be wildin”. If she hit you with the eye contact then you already know what type time she on. 😉

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