Head Coach Needed

I recently found out my bf has been cheating with his baby mom again. He confessed once I saw videos of her sucking him off on his phone. He says he just gets head from her and that’s it. He says he knows I don’t enjoy doing it and he don’t want to pressure me. I’ve been trying to get better at it. I even watched the videos of his baby mom a couple times to see what she does better. Any advice on how to give better head so he won’t  have an excuse anymore?


  1. Experience is the best teacher so he needs to teach you how he likes it. Most importantly you have to learn to enjoy it because he will be able to tell if you don’t like it.

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  2. Lots of spit. No teeth. No hands unless you’re using both hands like a pepper grinder. Practice on his best friend a couple times and see how he likes it first 😉


  3. Definitely find you a friend to practice on. Lots of spit 💦 , corkscrew movement always and flick that 👅 on the tip a little bit. No teeth

    But on another note, watching those videos should help guide you. Try stepping it up one notch and bring her over one day. Since let’s be honest they not gonna stop. So own it & enjoy 😉


        1. He’s cheating with her AGAIN?! For JUST head?! I don’t know my girl. Firstly, if you don’t enjoy giving head, he won’t enjoy getting it from you. You can practice all you want for a chance to blow his mind but you gotta get the fuck ASAP. Maybe fuck his dad or something for some razzle dazzle when you fly free.

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      1. She doesn’t seem to mind that relationship, she has watched the videos looking to learn( I’m sure it turned her on as well )
        I applaud her curious nature.


        1. Seems more like someone who has been emotionally abused and is now codependent. Rather than leaving a toxic situation she wants to win him back. But there’s no coming back from it. She said he cheated again as if this wasn’t the first time either. Watching the videos is definitely weird but I doubt it was due to curiosity or arousal. But hey different strokes for different folks


      2. Lol @ the comments, don’t forget to moan, and lightly suck on his balls while u jerk with a hand. Then while u suck, u can fondle his balls, possibly massage the gooch, don’t go too far back though lol. Good luck!! 😉


  4. girl, up and leave. why the fuck are you trying watch videos of another woman giving YOUR man pleasure as a demonstrations learning lesson? you need to bounce.

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