Let’s Go Swinging

Being a very sexual person and having lots of friends, you start to learn lots of juicy things along the way. So being very open I find myself always engaging in sexual conversations somehow lol. Recently I stumbled on the fact that one of my friends needed my help and fast.

So during a basic conversation somehow we started talking about Tumblr and its amazing benefits. Yes, of course, the first thing I thought about was my xxx account where I have tons of videos/pics ( anonymously of course). But she was talking about the other much safer side of Tumblr lol, but once she learned about my side of things she was super curious lol. About three pics and two videos later she starts talking about how long its been and she gotta get her a page now etc. Being the caring friend i am, i had to jump into action and ask her 21 questions. As you can imagine I learned everything, it was horrible to hear about the lack of pleasure her amazing body was not getting. So after revealing that some of the videos and pics were of me and my wife in action, she got really curious. So I decided it was the right thing to do and help her with that problem she was having. But being who I am, keeping it professional & safety comes first. For the last couple of weeks I have been fucking her brains out in the riskiest of places ( she likes the rush I guess) and the best thing is that her relationship has improved greatly. Saved the day again! ( we will get to those later ).

Now here’s my question for you, how do I convince my wife of 10 yrs into finally considering the swinger lifestyle?? Not just the random threesome here and there

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  1. Which side of Tumblr is this? Curious as well…

    Getting your wife to agree to a more permanent swinger sought of lifestyle requires you’re complete focus on ensuring she is happy and satisfied, therefore find people who will interest her and satisfy both her sexual and intellectual needs.

    Finding a group of serious, private but successful swingers isn’t easy and growing one isn’t easy as well.
    Expose yourselves to diverse and different people and let it organically grow by itself.


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