Kissing & Foreplay Still A Thing?

My question is to men but women can chime in.. why are we in this new age of not wanting to kiss or engage in foreplay with certain partners? Why are we having even entertaining these type of people as sex partners?


  1. Since your question is primarily directed towards men, I’m assuming you’re speaking of men when you say “we.” I’m not a man but just from experience ( not personally my own) alot of men are emotionally detached these days; either they’ve been hurt and are afraid to get too intimate with a certain person, or they know the person they’re sleeping with is just not “the one” and they see no need to do any of that; which in the end prevents them from becoming too attached 🤷🏾‍♀️ I believe these type of partners are being entertained because everyone is lusting. No one takes the time to get to know someone on a deeper level before they jump between the sheets, or car, or wherever lol. I mean who’s taking the time to kiss and have foreplay with someone they just met and I don’t even know what type of person you are, how hygienic you are or anything? I mean condoms protect against the penetration part of sex, but what about everything else.


  2. My guess is that people are more engaged in casual hook-ups and save kissing and foreplay for relationship sex. Imo, foreplay is absolutely required for good sex. Sex without it is like working out without properly warming up. It can be done, but it won’t achieve the best results.


  3. I live for kissing and foreplay. And I’m asking questions before we even get to the bedroom to see if you are into it at all. ALSO. I think a lot of people are having sex just to have sex, there’s no real connection. Everyone is selfish.


  4. Fore play cool for about 20 min anything longer is suicide cause my meat only gone stay hard for so long without getting pussy but as far as the kissing goes a nigga like me needs to kiss cause my body gotta be in like a unison with the girl to get up to full potential lbutyall follow me on Twitter @recklesslotto


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