Three The Hard Way

Three Way

I have been thinking a lot about trying a threesome lately. I have always been curious about involving another woman with my husband and I. I’m not exactly sure how to go about it. Do we go with someone we know or explore someone for a one time experience?

I’m not sure if we scare some people away since we are an interracial couple. Obviously everyone has their own preferences. Anyway, just looking for someone who might have experience or an idea of how to approach making this happen.


  1. I wouldn’t suggest getting involved with someone you already know unless you can be sure things won’t get awkward, and you really can’t guarantee that. It’s best when it happens naturally sometimes. For instance, you’re on vacation or out on a date at a club and you meet a fine ass woman and decide to take her to the hotel. But if you want to arrange something, possibly try dating sites. Make it clear in your profile or in the first message your intentions and let them know what’s up. Either way, don’t force it. In the meantime, you and hubby should think of other ways to spice things up.


  2. We discussed it further and hit on some of the things you’ve said. Clear intentions of what is expected. My first thought was to go out together and enjoy ourselves and maybe inquire with someone there. That way there’s no awkward feelings with friends. We have been spicing things up a lot and having tremendous sex. Some people run into threesomes because they aren’t satisfied. I’d say it’s different for us. We are just looking for more ways to enjoy ourselves


    1. Yes I think those unplanned spontaneous moments are the best. You would be surprised how many people get loose and are willing to join in with you. Might I also suggest a trip to Vegas. Best of luck


      1. I feel like that would get the best sexual experience. Nobody likes to have things all planned out. The excitement takes a big hit. I appreciate all of the help.


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