Pum Pum Release Valve

I really want to lose my virginity and I know I’m mentally ready. However, the anticipation of possible pain is causing me to tense up really bad and not allowing my boyfriend to go inside. I can get fingered fine so I know there’s no medical reason behind it. Is there any tips I can use to relax and calm my nerves enough to not tense up?

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  1. Although you’ve said you’re mentally ready and there’s no medical reason for this, I seem to think it has to be one of those. You’re probably tensing up because you may not be as mentally prepared as you think you are. Your man should probably spend more time on foreplay in that case. If done correctly, you should be begging him to put it in once he’s finished with you. It also wouldn’t hurt to talk to your doctor about your concerns as well. Just remember, there’s no rush. Don’t feel pressured to have intercourse if you’re still nervous. I would like to know how it goes once you do decide to let it happen so update us if you can and most importantly try to ENJOY IT. ❤


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