Vitamin S Deficiency

So I’m dating this guy who I adore so much, but his dick isn’t so big, or big at all however, he gives great head. I normally have a high sex drive but ever since I’ve been dating him, I’m not so interested in having sex with him sometimes….

I love him but I want more. Not sure what to do. I’m also very curious in having an intercourse with a female but that process is not going so well either. Overall, I’m sexually frustrated.


  1. Well I would suggest you speak with him about your feelings in a safe loving space without degrading him. See if he would be willing to use toys with you or possibly using a cock ring to feel that fullness from him.
    Also with you wanting to experience a woman, if you want to do it solo,/together, I would say speak with him as well because he may feel inadequate with you wanting to experience someone else. But maybe not 😏


  2. Sex is really about physical compatibility. His dick may be too small for you. You are going to resent him because he doesnt hit the walls and stretch you out. You may need another man….be honest with yourself so you dont end up cheating.


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