2 For Him, None For You

I would consider myself … maybe Bicurious if you will. I’ve had a few 3sums with my ex and I loved it. I’ve been dating my current boyfriend for a year now and I’ve brought the idea of us having one to him. Generally he’s with it but keeps asking me to find the girl. Which I don’t even know how to do. (My ex found all the other girls) In return I tell him he should find the girl since he’s got females chasing him all the time. However make a long story short he recently told me he’s been hesitant on finding said girl because he’s not sure if he wants to do it anymore. he doesn’t want me to enjoy her more than him. Kinda threw me off. What should I do or say to make him more comfortable. I really want another 3sum. But I definitely enjoy the D more than the P 🤷🏽‍♀️


  1. You can reiterate to him that you enjoy the D way more than you enjoy the P and that you prefer him to find the female so that he can be more comfortable with the experience. You should make sure he’s confident that you are pleased by him alone so that he doesn’t think you want a threesome as a supplement to or replacement of him.


  2. My partner and I have been discussing the possibility of having me interact with another female while he sits back and enjoys watching. In my case I’ve kissed another female but that’s the extent. Similar situation where he is also asking me to find someone but I wouldn’t know how to go about that! Any advice out there!


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