My First Girlfriend

Hello. So after years of secretly having girl crushes and hiding in the closet. I finally got myself a girlfriend! She’s so pretty and I really find her sexually attractive. We’ll be having sex soon and I guess I’m shy since she is my first girlfriend. I have so many questions!

What if I don’t give her good head (I don’t even know how to give head but I try to practice)? Will she like how my vulva look? I’m dark skinned and I am confident about my body but dark skinned vulvas don’t get much hype you know? Must I shave or wax or just trim? My fingers are short so what are the best length and the best kind of dildo vibrators or strap-ons to buy?

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  1. The best thing you can do in any relationship is communicate and be honest about your feelings. Your partner might be feeling the same way and you’d never know unless you discuss it. If you made it official with her, I’m sure she’s very much attracted to you and the look of your vulva won’t matter much. Don’t force it but when the time comes just go with the flow. Do what feels good but also be attentive to your partners needs as well. Keeping an open mind but also respecting boundaries is the best recipe for great sex. COMMUNICATE COMMUNICATE COMMUNICATE!


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