The Ex Files

I was in a 12 year relationship with a guy. We started discussing our future and getting married. I guess he wanted to get EVERYTHING off his chest…so he confessed that he found out (6 most prior to telling me) that he had a 10 year old child. I was devastated. Sent him a “FU” text a d moved on…4 years later, cleaning out my phone, I text him and told him I was deleting him. He immediately responded for me not to. We talked and I find out he had another kid 2 years ago. We both have feelings…I’m open to keeping him in rotation (I’m currently SUPER single and dating)…but I kinda wanna see him still..but I can’t help keeping my guard COMPLETELY up….thoughts…?

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  1. Sis, I know it’s so very tempting to get back with those old familiar ones. But you knew exactly what you were doing by texting him to say you’re deleting him years later. You want to try this thing with him again and you’re not just playing around. Don’t lie to yourself. If a man can completely hide a whole child, what else is he capable of? Keep all that in mind before you get wrapped back into a toxic situation.


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