He Can’t Handle My Heat

 He can’t handle my heat I love my boyfriend to death. We’re best friends, but recently it feels like I’m in heat. I never feel content with our sex. He’s the only one I’ve ever had penetrative sex with, but I feel like a particular one of my exes would do a better job.

I have discussed this with him many times and we have tried many things, but something makes me feel it won’t ever be enough. What do I do? P.S: He has confessed to me that he never really had sex in mind when we met because he’s more attracted to thick women. He initially just wanted us to best friends.

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  1. Ummmm I dont know the nature of your relationship outside of sex, but are you guys open to taking a break to explore other options. If you’ve never has sex with another man and the current one isn’t doing it for you then there’s a problem. I also hate to say it but maybe there’s a disconnect in his performance because physically you’re not what he normally goes for. Sex shouldn’t be the reason you guys break up if the relationship is solid otherwise, but don’t be afraid to experience the world (and maybe another penis)


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