How to Build A Side Chick

Lord where do I even start?! Okay, I was celibate for a whole year, had a baby and broke up with my baby daddy within that year. My libido was out the door when I got pregnant, this led to me and my baby daddy breaking things off amongst his violent anger. This was in June. Fast forward to 10/29, I walk into work and see tons of new faces as we just received over 30 new bodies in transfers due to a recent property expansion. I’m walking through the property and I lock eyes with a 6’2” chocolate man who from what I could remember, could have been casted as Midnight from Sister Souljah’s novel of the same name! Sis, he is fiiiiiine! Dimples, dark skin, symmetrically perfect face, I would fuck his nose, okay? Just perfect build. Yum. But I have this strict rule, no work play. So I ignore him. So boom that Saturday, I go out for some drinks on our sister property and guess who sits right next to me at the bar? Midnight (that’s what we calling him). I find out that Midnight is a Haitian man aka my kyrptonite.

We talk for over an hour and wheew the chemistry and connection was instantaneous, although I felt that the min I locked eyes on him earlier that week. We exchange numbers and we went out that following Thursday night, 11/7. Great conversation, he don’t smoke, don’t drink. He tells me he has a son, he knew about mines already. I explain to him the situation with my BD, he’s crazy, I’m over it, BD still think I’m his property smh. He says, “I feel you.” He doesn’t mention anything further. I’m not one to pry especially at this stage. Huge mistake. Anyway dinners over, we go to the beach so I can smoke my damn blunt. Girl, my hormones were on satanic mode. We fucked like wolves on the beach under the moon. Smfh PEOPLE WERE THERE SIS!!! I did not care!!! This is not like me! I can’t explain this attraction. It’s been a wrap since, we constantly have been seeing each other as much as we can. Drinks at least three times a week. And we’ve been fucking like rabbits. At work, his car, my place. Not his place so my red flag peaked. Dumb I know. So Monday we went out for some drinks and he told me he got us a room by the water. RED FUCKING FLAG but ya bitch got bout a year worth of orgasms to let loose so I say nothing till I nut. He fucked me so fucking good I cried sis, he’s an artist at this shit. Gave me head for from 11:12-12:04. I watched the clock yo. Sex is just ridiculous. We lay there and I say, “midnight, tell me what it is you need to tell me, right now” he looks at me, breaks eye contact, looks at me again and says, “I’m with Kyries mom, I stayed because of him. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.” He’s apologizing like crazy, doesn’t wanna lose the opportunity to at least be friends. I’m an Aquarius. I don’t catch feelings, I catch bags. All my friends know this about me. I have ghosted a three year relationship and didn’t drop a tear about it. This dude got me feeling ways and we haven’t completed the probationary period it’s crazy. Morally, I’m so against being a side chick unless it’s sex work. I’m only against it when I feel this way which is a first. Are these post-partum hormones making me a simple bitch for the first time in my life as I’m really considering being someone’s personal side piece because the head/dick too fye and I’m already unavailable for a conventional relationship and I already feel ways about monogamy??!?!?!?! It’s pretty obvious it’s not just sex like there’s a great chance we could fall in love. I feel it, he actually admitted to it. Wheew chile I don’t play with demons but Satan got me saying, “heeeyyy bid dick!” Please send help!!!!


  1. lmfaooo you are so funny. You crack me up. If the head fye and you having orgasms…I mean…then you know…side chick it is👿🤷🏾‍♀️
    But be careful. Don’t catch feelings and don’t make it a long term thing.


  2. At this point it seems like you are already emotionally invested in him whether you want to admit it or not. He seems to be grooming you by using his child as an excuse so that’s an immediate red flag. My advice is to enjoy him in moderation. Don’t get too involved and don’t let him manipulate you. The key to these situations is staying in control. Don’t get anything in your name for him and use Plan B [available on Amazon for $35]


  3. You’ll have his baby, and find out he has others on the side. That’s what you want. Otherwise you would be on to someone available to only you.


  4. Okay so first of all, you need to be a writer okay Lmaoooo!!! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! As for the man, that amazing forbidden stroke is gonna knock your mind clean out of your head. No man on the planet actually stays for the kids, they stay cause they don’t wanna go. This can’t end well. But damn, wouldn’t it be great if it could work out??


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