Broke Ass Boyfriend

I’ve been dating this guy for about 8 months now and things were great in the beginning until half way he lost his job. It was hard for him to find another job and as his girlfriend I tried to help him out the best way I could.

But it seemed like he was running through my money so I couldn’t do the things I wanted to and even had to miss out on my birthday trip to Jamaica. It was a point where I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be with him because I wanted us to live together but I wasn’t sure he could afford it. At one point I thought I lost interest because I wanted someone who could hold their own weight but in other areas he would be outstanding. Help me


  1. It seems like you are compromising a lot for the sake of the relationship and you haven’t even given us a good reason for why. I’m sorry but 8 months is not long enough for you to be making the kinds of sacrifices you are making. What you are doing is setting the bar very low and conditioning him to be dependent on you and that’s a bad way to start a relationship. My instinct is to say just get out while you can and you seemed have had the same thought. Alternatively, you can have a discussion with him about setting goals and how you want to progress with him in life. His level of participation in creating these goals with you will tell you how serious he is about it. Otherwise, you have to let it go and find someone on your wave length.


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