1. Honestly, I would start at confronting why you feel uncomfortable. Not everyone is a casual sex type person, and that’s okay. Is it a safety issue? Do you think you’re good at compartmentalizing? Start there and I think the rest will come to you!


  2. It may be because you were having sex with just one person for 5 years that you can’t imagine yourself having sex with someone else at this point. I say that from experience because when I got out of a long term relationship I still felt some kind of attachment to my ex. The months following that I lived the mantra “get under someone to get over someone” and let me tell you, that is HORRIBLE advice because it doesn’t give you time to take a breath and heal from the relationship you just got out of. Take some time for yourself, do things that you enjoy and don’t force yourself into something if you don’t feel comfortable.


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