The Gag Is…

I need advice on giving a man oral. I have a serious gag reflex, if I go further than 4 inches I feel like I’m at risk of gagging, and I get discouraged when they don’t finish right away. Tips on great oral please!

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  1. TAKE YOUR TIME! giving head makes a lot of women self conscious. The way the act is described by porn & men can make you even more insecure about your performance.

    My best advice is to just take your time and work your way down. You don’t have to be Linda Lovelace but you can do a lot with taking 4-5 inches. I recommend numbing spray or a flavored gel that’ll make the act more fun. Breath through your nose, and generate spit to make it less of a hassle. Some men enjoy a little gagging, if it’s to much, bring yourself back up. Use your hands to twist and stroke the shaft, focusing your mouth on just the head. Work your tongue around. Also you can focus on the balls too! Good luck ❤️


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