Mans is Too Controlling

My significant other has this controlling thing going on which I don’t appreciate. He doesn’t like me going out to parties with my friends, feels I shouldn’t speak to any males (business or not) and doesn’t want me to drink. I’m hoping he outgrows this because besides him being controlling he is a good partner. What should I do?


  1. Being controlling is NOT being a good partner. “Outgrowing” this behavior is going to take some serious work and it doesn’t sound like he’s heading in that direction. Leave. Leave him right now before it gets scary and ugly and don’t believe any promises without seeing the actual changes. #beentheredonethat


  2. Exit stage left darling. If he is like this now he will only get worse as he gets older. There is no changing a man unless that I’d what he wants. Much love


  3. Unfortunately he’s not going to “outgrow” that trait, it’s a very strong trait. Once it’s set in motion and progressed in a relationship…it’s hard to turn off. I suggest you leave and find a partner who is good to you without the “Besides this” attached to it. Best of luck ❤️


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