Thinking About My Ex

When I was in college I was in a When I was in college I was in an on and off relationship with this guy for about 5 years. The relationship was very toxic, but the sex was AMAZING! Amazing like pop up in his house unannounced if we were fighting and calling his friends to see where he was. I was crazy about the sex!

So after I graduated I was finally able to leave him alone because I moved back to my hometown. I met my current boyfriend that I’ve been dating for 2 years and it’s been really cool, but the sex isn’t all that at all. The most frustrating part is he doesn’t get hard easily so I have to continuously give him head while we’re having sex to keep us going. At first I didn’t mind but now it feels like a chore while having sex. I keep thinking about how great my exes sex was and sometimes while I’m having sex with my current boyfriend. I know he’s attracted to me because he initiates the sex and is crazy about me, but the sex isn’t that great. We even bought a dildo that he uses on me when he can’t get hard because I told him of my displeasure. It’s nice but I’m starting to not be attracted to him because I know what great, sweaty, going multiple rounds a night feels like. What should I do?


  1. It won’t work long term. Consistent bad sex will eventually cause you to resent a good man that you really want to make it work with. It would be one thing if he needed a little guidance. But if he can’t stay hard it might be a lost cause.


    1. Without some kind of supplement for him to keep his dick hard I don’t see how things will eventually get better and more and more you’ll just keep wanting better sex


  2. I know that having erectile dysfunction probably attacks his masculinity, but maybe he can talk to an expert because it will make his sexual experience better. Have you tried the ED ring? Maybe that can help out!


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