I Love My Baby Daddy

Been trying to get back with my sons father for 2 years but he hasnt been treating me right. Still living with his ex as “friends ” and we argue all the time because he puts me last priority. Last year he even went out with her for my birthday.

This year I had plans for his birthday and he ruined them. So an ex got in contact with me and asked why I was so worried about him and his birthday and wanted to plan a trip for mine. So I go on this trip and end up sleeping with my ex. I want to work things out with Baby daddy but he refuses to change or see that he did anything wrong and just wants details about my trip and what happened. Do I tell him knowing he will treat me like shit again and that we will never work out? Or just be done with it?


  1. So, I feel like you’re essentially trying to force your baby daddy to be something and someone he’s not. Two years of trying to get someone to act right is so draining. You deserve trips and vacations like your ex took you on, consistently! You seem like an amazing women w/ a stable head on your shoulders; you need to stop trying to make things workout w your baby daddy and move on to more positive things that’ll benefit your happiness and future. And your baby daddy doesn’t need to know details about anything in your life unless it affects the child you both created ❤️ Until then, you don’t owe anybody anything. Or you could tell him how it went and I’m the midst of doing so, let him know that you’re done trying to make things workout and strictly want only a co-parenting relationship and keep it pushing. I hope this speaks to you! Have a wonderful and prosperous life!

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  2. I hate to be harsh but you need to hear this. Your son’s father does not want you anymore. He does not want a relationship and you should take the hint. I suggest learning how to co-parent for the sake of your child and let it go. The situation with your other ex seems irrelevant. Your son’s father doesn’t need to know about it but if you are only using that guy, you should leave him alone too. It seems like you’re making poor decisions because you are lonely. You have to detach from these people and start your own journey to healing. I hope this helps. Best wishes.

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