The D*ck Pic

Hi Boudoir Diary I been following your blog for a while now and I’ve loved every one of your posts so far! I think this blog is awesome as it covers such interesting topics which are discussed so well with such openness. Some of the shocking stories literally get me laughing out loud though! I’d like to discuss the bizarre modern day dating trend of receiving dick pics.

All of my friends have received these pics, and it really does appear that it really is becoming the norm as part of the modern day dating ritual! I have my own sexual themed story to share about how I and other women at work got our own back on a “dick-pic” sender, and I thought it might be a laugh to share it with you and inspire other women with ideas too. My dick-pic sender was a guy I used to work with who always used to brag about having a huge penis. He always looked for an opportunity to talk about how big he was and how so many women were after him because of it. I’m sure you’ve both come across someone like this at some stage. This all changed however when he sent me a dick-pic! His pic was a closeup of his penis with a ruler right next to it so I could see exactly how long it was fully erect. I don’t know what he was thinking, but it wasn’t anything to boast about – it only looked to be just over 5.5 inches long. He sent me a message around 15 minutes later begging me not to show it to anyone else and saying that he was so sorry, but I’d already sent it to every single one of my female friends by that point (what woman wouldn’t have, if only to warn them all about him.) It was no accident that he sent it to me as I found out that he’d also sent it to someone else with the same “apology” to her around 15 minutes later. I think that some of them needed a really good laugh and they sure as hell got one! From then on we kept on making jokes at work by measuring various items in the office with a ruler and saying things like “damn, that things smaller than I expected, it doesn’t even measure 6 inches!” followed by lots of laughter. It was so funny watching him go as red as a beetroot even though we weren’t even talking about his junk! They really do need to understand that if they send unsolicited dick-pics then it’s open season for us to send to all of our girl friends to point and laugh at as well as criticize and judge. Telling them that it’s small seems to work really well in getting them to stop. The dick-pic guy left two weeks later probably through embarrassment. Our boss didn’t understand what was going on until after he left. Afterwards we told her and she had a really good laugh and said that it served him right! How could we carry on working normally after going through that. This is now the reason that I consider an erect penis 6 inches or less to be small πŸ˜‚ Do they expect us to react to their dick-pic with a message of “oooh, that’s such a nice penis, is that all for me? Wow, I feel so lucky now, it’s so big and such a turn on!” before we magically jump through their screens desperate for sex and then jump on top of them?! Surely they must know by now that this approach doesn’t work, and we are much more likely to show their pics to friends and have a good laugh at them! πŸ˜‚ Thank you so much again for your wonderful blog, and I hope that my story gives everyone a good laugh or a smile πŸ˜‚ Love & Hugs, Xx ❀❀❀ p.s. The full message I received from him was simply the word “Like?” followed by a photo of his penis. Smh. A simple “Hello” would have worked so much better for him and kept him out of trouble too!!! If you want to see his pic just to show you how ridiculous his whole approach to me was then I’ve added a link on Favim to it below. I find that laughter really is the best medicine when it comes to these pics, and this one is just too funny not to share!!! The pic he sent to us. No wonder that as women our sense of distance is all messed up when men keep on telling us that THIS is 10 inches!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚: You are more than welcome to share the pic![redacted]

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