Long Distance Marriage

I was in a really complicated long distance marriage, my husband used to cheat on me often. I used to be loyal then I realized I should be loved on and appreciated. So I started having sex with another man, who was kind, gentle, and amazing in bed!!!!!

We were pretty cool before the sex that I initiated, a real friend. Now that my husband and I are cool, we agreed to leave our side pieces alone for when he comes home from an overseas assignment. But he gets on my nerves sometimes, then I think about the man I was sexing. Our intimate moments, how I could talk to him, how he adored me. I fight myself on if I should stay with my husband after this freedom I had. The fact that I think of sex with another man, and we’ve been apart for so long I don’t know if this will work anymore….. But I love my husband and I believe he is trying to be a better man. I just wish I didn’t have to be in this predicament.

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  1. You’re ready for a divorce. Plain and simple. It’s clear that you’re not happy and your side piece has been a pleasant distraction but nothing about this sounds healthy. As soon as your husband gets back, arrange for marriage counseling.


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