Cheating Ain’t Easy

I’ve been with a man for over a year now and I am frustrated as hell. First, he moves in on me without discussing it or finding out if I wanted to live with a man, second, he doesn’t listen to me when I try to tell him what I want, third, he’s clingy and has some really unstable behavioural patterns whenever I go ANYWHERe without him…I could go on and on but I’ll stop here. My biggest problem is….

Sex has been annoying and unpleasurable for some time now. Same positions all the time, very little foreplay before it starts and he refuses to eat me out. He’s always asking for head but tells me to take it out of my head when I ask him to eat me. I have recently started cheating on him with a man who fucks real good and gives the best head a girl could ask for. I see this man every chance I get but I can’t see him as often as I want to because my man is living in my house and side dude is married. My dude is cool and all but I’m over sex without head. I hate boring shit. I’m into kinks and all but I can’t even discuss that with him cuz he’s so fucking close-minded. What do I do?


  1. I am sure you are with this guy for some reason or else he would be out already. For now, just keep getting the best head possible and keeping it low key. Be sure to not linger too long with the boyfriend unless he adding to the empire.. #kingscorpio


  2. After naming all these problems you have with your current boyfriend, it really doesn’t sound like you have any reason to stay. On top of that, you’ve already started cheating so you don’t really sound like you have any respect for him either. If he’s blatantly neglecting your wants/needs just go.


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