Booty Sweat Problems

Most of the time during sex I notice I can get somewhat sweaty between my rear, even a little while after a shower. I wouldn’t say it smells bad, but i think its unpleasant. It’s so embarrassing to smell like sweat back there and notice after having sex. My boyfriend hasn’t mentioned it, maybe to spare my feelings.

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Don’t Rush Challenge

Hey Boudoir, I’m about to be 22, in college about to graduate and never had a boyfriend or sex before. It makes me slight nervous because it seems to be what alot of people my age is concerned about. But what advice do you have about my situation or for me when I do get a boyfriend and become intimate. Thank you

Can’t Stay Wet

Alright I just feel I need to give a little background on my question. I started using contraceptives at a vital point during puberty, at the age of 17. The problem was I would go on my period for maybe 3 “normal” days and then spot for 2 days. I told my mom this and it worried her and we went to a Dr and prescribed depo. I don’t know why exactly. So I wouldn’t be on my period for 3 months and around then I started having sex. I would get orgasms, but I also didn’t get wet (I used lube). So eventually I got off that contraceptive after a year and moved to the pill, then stopped all together. At age 23 I fell pregnant twice and had an abortion both times.

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