A RelationSHIT!

Dear Boudoir Diary, I’m in a complicated shit show of a relationshit. I have been falling more and more out of love with this man for months. He is a beautiful black man, single dad, very active in his daughter life, but he is a liar and I’m so tired of forgiving him for the lies and I’m so tired of his games. We got together a few months ago in September. I asked him about his last relationship (he was married to the mother of his child and then they separated when she decided to leave him after about 2 years of marriage.) When we began the relationship they were still waiting for the divorce to finalize which just happened a few weeks ago in January. I asked him was there any chance of them getting back together or still having feelings for each other and he got very angry by the question and said he hated her. Red flag.

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Hand Job Help

I’m coming out of a three-year chosen abstinence from all romantic relationships and reaaaally suspect that I’ve lost the ability to kiss + give hand jobs. I need some step-by-step type guides to getting back in the game, please! Thanks, team.

Lesbian Stamina

I’m a woman who typically has sex with other woman. I’m not a virgin but I don’t do it very often for a few reasons but mainly because I don’t last long and it makes me self conscious. Are there any tips you can give me to make myself last longer??? Thanks!!!!

New To The Sex Thing

Sooo… earlier this year [2019]I lost my virginity. I’m 24 years old and I was just ready to experience sex. Lost it rather quickly to a guy I had been talking to for like a month but it led to a 8 month relationship, which was cool. Our sex life was pretty good and we were very open with each other other. Fast forward, I’m single now and so I’ve been casually dating. I’m not ready for the emotional weight load of a relationship, but I want to explore more in terms of my sexuality. Problem is….

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